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29 August 2010 @ 02:37 pm
There is no other person like you ‘Eunja’  
Title: There is no other person like you ‘Eunja’
Summary: There was a High School Beauty Contest for Boys. There were 7 who signed up or who were signed up. Donghae fell more in love with one of them when he saw him in a dress.
Pairing: EunHae
Rating: PG-13
A/N: A fic for Ate Clara (cara-miro) who wanted someone to do an EunHae fic out of this picture. Enjoy everyone. :) There will also be mentions of certain SM artists. (: Just for the fun of it. ;) I'm sorry it's long overdue Ate Clara. DX

Every year since its establishment, SM High School, has been known to something infamous. It was known to hold Beauty Contests. Not just ordinary Beauty Contests. Beauty Contests for boys. Sure there were beautiful girls around campus but SM High School decided to hold it for the men. It was just the weirdest tradition SM ever made, but it was the most fun and most anticipated by most girls and maybe some boys. Weeks before the Beauty Contest, girls find potential candidates for the Beauty Contest. But there are some boys who do it to tease other boys. It’s another way of bullying or maybe their ritual maybe. So Nyeo Si Dae, a group of nine girls, find their Heechul-Oppa perfect for the Contest. Not only is he handsome, but he can be pretty as well. Honestly, they envy his beauty. It was also perfect to sign him up this year because it was his last year along with their Leeteuk-Oppa (whom they wanted to join as well but declined), Hankyung-Oppa, Yesung-Oppa and Kangin-Oppa.

Kyuhyun known to be evil in campus decided to use one of his evil skills on three of his hyungs. Sign them up on the contest. He signed up Kangin who didn’t want to join the contest the first place. He actually threatened Kyuhyun, but Kyuhyun will use blackmail, that might cause Kangin’s graduation. He accepted the challenge after learning of Kyuhyun’s intentions. Leeteuk agreed to Kangin’s participation because he wanted to see his boyfriend in a skirt or dress before he went to Military Service. Kyuhyun also signed up his “boyfriend” Sungmin. Sungmin didn’t have a choice and besides Kyuhyun told him that he’d look great in a skirt or in a dress. Sungmin didn’t agree to it at first but since he knew of the contest rules, once you’re name’s written there, you can’t back out. The last one Kyuhyun signed up for just for the fun of it was Eunhyuk. Honestly, it was Donghae’s suggestion. Kyuhyun just told Eunhyuk that it was his suggestion so he’d be made fun of. Kyuhyun knew how Donghae felt for Eunhyuk. Donghae loved Eunhyuk from far away. And honestly, Donghae had a fantasy that Eunhyuk was in a dress and was dancing seductively in front of him. But of course, it wouldn’t happen. It was Donghae’s mind. It would never work the way it was in his head.

Eunhyuk was kind of irritated at what Kyuhyun “did.” So Donghae followed a storming Eunhyuk. Eunhyuk didn’t want to get embarrassed in High School. Not like this, he thought. Not every boy was going to go through it and it was a form of torture. Eunhyuk being the cry baby cried on the steps of their entrance door. Donghae felt guilty of what he had just done. He didn’t think of Eunhyuk’s feelings in the first place.

“I’m saying sorry on Kyuhyun’s behalf.” Donghae started as he comforted the crying Eunhyuk.

“I don’t get it. Why would Kyuhyun sign me up in that Contest anyway?” Eunhyuk retorted as he cried on Donghae’s shoulder.

Donghae gulped. He wanted to say it was me. But he couldn’t.

“Don’t think of in a bad way Eunhyuk. Look on the bright side, if you win, you can have the chance of taking over Principal Lee Soo Man’s place...for a day that is.”

Apparently, when you win this beauty contest, you are able to do whatever you want with the Student Body.

“You think I have a fighting chance?” Eunhyuk asked with some hope on his tone.

“Of course you do. Besides, I’ll support you, front and center.” Donghae said with a smile on his face.

“You will?”

Donghae nodded.

“You so are my best friend. I love you.” Eunhyuk hugged his best friend tightly.

“I love you too.” Donghae whispered.

“Do you think signing up Kyuhyun would give him he what he deserves?”

“If you signed him up and joined him in the contest and make him into a girl, I don’t think I can sleep for a night. With Kyuhyun’s face as a girl = Major DO NOT WANT. He’ll get the karma deserves.” Donghae said as he made Eunhyuk cheer up.

For the next few days, there have been 3 more people that have signed up for the Contest: Kim Jaejoong, Kim Kibum or Key for short and Lee Taemin.

‘It’s going to be a hell of a competition’ said one of the bloggers of the said school. It is very true because most of these boys are pretty boys and would look damn pretty.

Ryeowook, Leeteuk, Hankyung and Kyuhyun volunteered to help their four friends. Donghae was watching from the sideline on how these four worked their magic on their four friends. Yunho, Junsu, Micky and Max were going to help their friend Jaejoong and Onew, Jonghyun and Minho were going to dress up Taemin and Key.

In their newspaper the seven contestants have been interviewed on what contributions would be if ever they win the Contest. Most of them declared no classes, which Principal Soo Man respects. One of them declared that the Seniors don’t take their exams before graduating. One of them said that there will be no classes, but the students are in school enjoying and doing nothing. Which for some said was a waste of time. One said that they should not follow the dress code for the day and make everyone wear whatever they want but of course there should be at least a piece of clothing.

One more day till the contest and the contestants are getting jittery.

Eunhyuk was dancing again by the gym to relieve of his stress. Donghae was captivated by how Eunhyuk danced. He was like water, smoothly flowing like the waves. He was graceful and he was just handsome by how he danced.

“Ya! Donghae! What are you doing here?” Eunhyuk said as he sat down to rest.

“Uhm, do you want me to go or something, your tone was a bit mad.”

“No. Come here silly.”

“So, what brings you here in my territory?” Eunhyuk said as he wiped the sweat off of his chest and face.

“Your territory?” Donghae laughed. Eunhyuk looked weirdly at him.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I go to the gym sometimes just to relieve my stress you know. I feel like when I dance, I feel different. It’s a good feeling, when you’re dancing.”

“I agree with you Hae.” Then two smiled at each other.

“I better go. It’s already late. Bye Hyukkie!”

“Bye Hae!”

“Good luck tomorrow!” Donghae said as he ran towards the exit.

Contest day.

All of the students are highly anticipating their Oppas or Hyungs looking pretty and looking like total idiots in front of stage. All you could hear from the people in the bleachers were “UYUPIKAL KIM HEECHUL! SARANGHAEYO KIM HEECHUL!” Which meant Milky Skin Kim Heechul, (We) Love You Kim Heechul! Sadly the others didn’t stand a chance against Kim Heechul’s fans and cheer. He surely was the front runner. There were two other people that people also favoured: Kim Jaejoong and Key. But then again, Heechul was in it to win it. As for Eunhyuk and the others, they don’t know what they’re in for. All they know is that they’re going to lose and get fun of on Monday.

“HEY YOU GUYS!” Yuri and Tiffany were the MCs for the event.

Cheers were the response.

“Are you ready to see *our* Oppas and your Hyungs?”


“Well then let’s get started Yul!”

“First up, is Kim Kibum or Key-Oppa! He’s known as the Almighty Key by his best friends and he certainly can make girls or guys alike swoon through his lady-like dance moves. Show them Oppa!”

Key wore a school girl outfit, white blouse and gray pleated skirt, with his hair in pigtails. He started dancing Muzik by 4 Minute and Mister by Kara. He certainly made the crowd very energetic by the start.

“Next is Taemin. He’s known to flutter every Noona’s hearts, am I right Tiffany? He’s also cute whenever he smiles, but when he’s on the floor, boy this boy is very fierce!”

Taemin dressed up in a loose white shirt and yellow skinny jeans. He wore a curly wig and also wore a red headband with a big bow on it. He danced Kara’s Lupin and their schoolmates’ Run Devil Run. He looked cute and fierce!

A lot reacted on Taemin’s beauty. He looked like a girl! Some were mind fucked as well, especially the men. Taemin is definitely the next Kim Heechul.

Jaejoong was up next. He was hesitant but his other band mates pushed him to the stage. Jaejoong was also like Taemin and Heechul, very pretty! He wore a wig and wore a baby blue Medieval times dress. Unlike the other two, he sang a song named It’s Only My World which was a sad song. It made the audience cry but the audience loved it!

Up next is Eunhyuk. Donghae was waiting for this. A lot of whispers came from the crowd as he entered. He looked beautiful in his blue Chinese style dress. He also carried an umbrella along. He was wearing a wig just like the others. The four from their group had a group dance so he waited the other three to come out. Donghae fell more in love with Eunhyuk or Eunja as he called himself. He did a hip thrust and a moon walk as he went to his place. A lot of girls screamed when they saw him do that. Donghae just shook his head and laughed.

Next one out was Sungmin. Just like Key he was a school girl but Sungmin was wearing a wig with pigtails, a white blouse and orange pleated skirt and long striped socks. He had a smirk on his face as he got out. For all we know Kyuhyun is probably drooling over his boyfriend’s beauty. Sungmin dubbed himself as Gum Chewing Sungsoon. She was a naughty school girl.

Next one out was the front runner Kim Heechul. His antics made the crowd livelier than ever. He came out in a red Chinese style dress just and also carried an umbrella like Eunhyuk. His beauty was indescribable and a lot more fell in love with him. His character was a ‘babo’ which also captured the hearts of many. His name was also Heesica because he liked mocking Jessica as well.

Last but certainly not the least, Korea’s # 1 handsome man, Kangin! He dressed up in a red cheer outfit and he also had a red wig on. This was the work of the notorious Cho Kyuhyun. He’s name is Kajuski a Russian who liked to work out. A lot of men and women laughed at him. He might not be the front runner but a few also wanted him to win, they don’t know why but they do.

So the four came out already and their schoolmates’ Gee and Genie played and danced to it. They looked either ridiculous or they had the moves for it. They also danced to their hit song in the school: Sorry, Sorry and their “4 stylists” came out to dance with them as well with the exception of Leeteuk who said that he had the wrong shoes to wear if he came out to dance.

So after three dances and being tired after dancing them, the judges deliberated who will be the contest’s winner. Second runner up was no other than Lee Taemin who had potential if he was to join the contest again. Next was a tie between the school girls: Key and Sungmin. Lastly, the moment of truth, who’d win?

“Yuri, do you mind reading the winner of this contest?”

“Don’t mind if I do.”

“And the “Miss” SM 2010 is... no other than... KIM HEECHUL!”

The crowd were on its feet and started chanting the cheer: UYUPIKAL KIM HEECHUL, SARANGHAEYO KIM HEECHUL!

“Are there a few words you would love to say to the audience?” Tiffany asked as she handed the microphone to Heechul.

“Babo!” Heechul said which made the others laugh.

Donghae was sad that Eunhyuk didn’t win but at least he tried his best. He waited for everyone to get out the gym. Heechul called everyone of his group mates and gave each of them a rose because there were a bouquet of roses that were also handed out.

Donghae went back at the bleachers and sat there and waited for Eunhyuk. Eunhyuk surprisingly who was still in his outfit came out to the bleachers and Donghae stood up to acknowledge his presence.

“You’re still here?”

“Yeah, I was actually waiting for you. You do know I’m your best friend right?” Donghae said as he sat down and also told Eunhyuk to sit down.

“It was sad I didn’t win, but at least I tried right?”

“Yeah you did and you looked amazing right there.”

“I did?”

“Yeah! You were beautiful and if I had to pick a winner, it’d be you.”

“Ya! Donghae. You’re making me blush.”

“Sorry. Here.”

Donghae handed out the single rose that Heechul gave them.

“You’re the winner in my heart Eunhyuk. Always have. I love you.” Donghae kissed Eunhyuk in the lips and Eunhyuk was left startled by Donghae’s confession

As Donghae left the gym, Eunhyuk whispered to the rose and said, “I love you too Donghae. Thanks for believing in me.”
heyy13heyy13 on August 29th, 2010 12:42 pm (UTC)
np, can be really hard to hear the subtle differance. xD WELCOME TO ASIAN LANGUAGES! God may i never be crazy enough to try to learn one. lol
Paski.pinkzade_2605 on August 29th, 2010 01:54 pm (UTC)

I'm Asian myself. :)) I don't speak Korean. :))
heyy13heyy13 on August 29th, 2010 01:56 pm (UTC)
Fair enough. I'm australian. All i speak is english and the bit of spanish and german i learnt at school. :P

I have friends that will translate random stuff for me though. xD
Paski.pinkzade_2605 on August 29th, 2010 01:57 pm (UTC)
Hahahaha. Cool! :))